Ivannia Mena

Director & Registered Psychologist 
Psychology Board Approved Supervisor
Member of EMDR Association of Australia (MEMDRAA)
Member of Australian Association of Psychologists Inc. (MAAPi)

Ivannia is a gentle-natured and empathic Psychologist, who has devoted the past 14 years to working alongside adolescents and adults of the wider community to improve their overall wellbeing and coping, as well as to inspire hope.  Recognising that therapy can quite often be such a difficult step for some to take, Ivannia aims to create from the outset, a safe therapeutic space for clients to discuss the struggles and challenges they face in any area of life.  Believing that one approach does not fit all, Ivannia is committed to developing a collaborative and supportive therapeutic relationship with her clients, where a combination of modalities will be considered to fit the presenting issues.

Ivannia emphasises the need to resolve past and present struggles, as well as to develop awareness and resilience to assist clients’ coping and adjustment during times of impasse or transition.  She respects the uniqueness in every individual and believes everyone’s story ought to be heard and respected.  Her primary aim is to facilitate insight and assist with the development of skills needed to change recurrent patterns of unhelpful behaviour, thinking and relating that can often result in distress and dissatisfaction.